Chiundine hand crafted wooden bureau

Chiundine, First Floor 2-room Suite

This large 2-room family suite opens onto a covered, courtyard patio with views to the river.

Chiundine's patio looks out over the gardens towards the river, the Dillsboro Inn
Chiundine’s covered patio looks out onto the gardens and towards the river
Chiundine's bedroom with king-sized bed
Chiundine’s bedroom with queen-sized bed filled with early morning light. This room also has a twin futon chair
Chiundines front room with kitchenette, DIllsboro Inn
Chiundine’s front room with queen-sized bed in the sleeping area and kitchenette.
Reading nook in the front room, Chiundine
Front room reading nook
Chiundine's bathroom with tub/shower combo, the Dillsboro Inn
Chiundine’s bathroom with tub/shower combo and double vanity.

Bringing families together, this is the Dillsboro Inn.

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