Dillsboro Inn across the river

Riverfront Suites

The Riverfront Suites at the Dillsboro Inn have been carefully crafted with your comfort in mind.

Enjoy the comforts the Riverfront Suites have to offer.
Delight in the beauty of the Tuckasegee River.
Relax on your deck or patio.
Drink in the splendor of the gardens.

Below you will find information about the eight riverfront suites, four 1-room efficiency and four 2-room suites.

Whether the booking is for a couple or family, TJ and Terry are happy to welcome you to the Dillsboro Inn.

The Suites:                                                            

The view from Giverny's deck
The view from Giverny’s deck

Giverny; 1-rm efficiency with deck, sleeps 2 people,
Weekday $90 -$120, Weekend $140-$160




Stone fireplace in Fireside
Stone fireplace in Fireside

Fireside; 1-rm efficiency with sitting area, sleeps 2 – 3 people,
Weekday $90 -$125, Weekend $140-$160




Just steps from Riverscape to the Tuckasegee River
The Tuckasegee River is just steps away from Riverscape

Riverscape; timber frame cabin, sleeps 2 – 3 people,
Weekday $100 -$140, Weekend $140-$165




Nightly campfire at Chiundine's doorstep
Nightly campfire outside of Chiundine

Chiudine; 2-rm courtyard suite, sleeps 2 – 4 people,
Weekday $100 -$140, Weekend $140-$175




Seating outside of Whitesound
Whitesound’s garden seating area

Whitesound; ground floor 2-room family suite, sleeps 2 – 5 people,
Weekday $140 -$175, Weekend $150-$200




Steps lead to Nantatucks's deck
Steps lead to Nantatucks’s deck

Nantatuck; second floor 2-rm suite with private deck, sleeps 2 – 4 people,
Weekday $125 -$150, Weekend $150-$200




View upriver from Riverside's deck
View upriver from Riverside’s deck

Riverside; riverfront efficiency with deck , sleeps 2 – 4 people,
Weekday $160 -$200, Weekend $175-$225




Fallside's spacious verandah
Fallside’s spacious veranda on the Tuckasegee River

Fallside; second floor 2-room veranda suite, sleeps 2 – 4 people,
Weekday $165 -$200, Weekend $175-$225




Welcome to the Dillsboro Inn

These are the Riverfront Suites at the Dillsboro Inn!

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